Born in Marsala, Sicily, in 1983, Vincenzo Fratelli moved to Rome at the age of 18, where he studied Educational Sciences at the University of Roma 3. During his four-year-stay in Rome, he understood the dynamics of a multicultural environment where art and music became of major importance in his life. He started with the guitar, gaining knowledge from musicians’ and artists’ experiences. He discovered the harmonica with Muddy Waters’ music and his interest for the blues became a way of living. In 2006, he wrote his thesis at university entitled “The blues music and its multicultural power”, drawing a musical and historical trail of the blues. Immediately after, he moved to London where he started playing in different nightclubs. Due to his craving to travel, he lived in Ireland for 6 months and then moved to Spain; both experiences led him to discover different ethnic musical styles. With this musical background, he decided to go back to London, where he now lives since 2009. There he is studying jazz on the chromatic harmonica and he is launching his professional career. At the moment he is involved in different projects.


Vincenzo Fratelli is a Qualified teacher with a BA degree in Education. He is teaching diatonic and chromatic harmonica to people of all ages. He is also organizing workshops with children and adults with disabilities, privately and in schools.

Private lessons and group classes available ( Blues, Jazz, Flamenco, Tango and World music)

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